Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Swarm (1978) / music by Jerry Goldsmith

Its not the worst / funniest of the Irwin Allen disasters - that honor falls to Allen's next one, the killer volcano flick (starring Paul Newman during a rough patch in his career) When Time Ran Out (which by the way featured a score by Lalo Schifrin - I cant remember if that score was any good; anyone? anyone?).

The Swarm has its moments of course, courtesy of the really cheesy effects, hilarious dialogue or (over)acting by the cast .

I dig Michael Caine and will watch him in just about anything (OK except Jaws The Revenge).

Heck, I even liked (yes, actually liked) Beyond The Poseiden Adventure when it first came out (score by jerry Fielding: anyone? anyone?).

Jerry Goldsmith's great score belongs to an entirely different (i.e. more serious, all 'round better) flick. Maybe Jerry didnt have any idea of the quality of the film he was composing for; he is most definately not slacking here...


Anonymous said...

this score got me buzzing!!!!

Tor Y. Harbin said...

I already have "The Swarm", but it's nice that you posted it.

And Lalo Schifrin's "When Time Ran Out..." is fantastic (the film's a pretty silly guilty pleasure, but never mind). I keep hoping for a release, if not from Schifrin's own label, then from someone.