Friday, January 5, 2007


Some folks have asked if cover art is available for some of these postings.

Well, I had been hoping for a new scanner / printer / fax machine from the Mrs. for xmas but unfortunately I guess she didnt get my hints (thanks for those dress shirts hunney! luv yuuuuuuu!).

So I will be getting that scanner slash whatever sometime soon (when the xmas bills are paid off) at which time I will start including the cover art with the tunes.

Until then, we will have to make do with whatever related images I can crib from 'round the net.

Wont be long...


Rocket said...

Hi B.C.---
At least you got dress shirts---better than the socks and underwear i got from my 'better half' (i kid, i kid). Seriously though just dropping a line here to say thanks for all the cool shares---with or without album art.
Rocket From Mars

abfabo said...

i just caught site of yours... looks fabulous. i will work my way trough your rarities over the coming days!
thank you!