Thursday, January 25, 2007


OK, I mean, even the Lost Horizon share has been deleted fer chrissakes!!!!

what is the world coming to when you cant even give away the soundtrack to Ross Hunter's remake of Lost Horizon?!??!?!!


Anonymous said...

Drag. Still, thanks for the excellent titles. Esp. loving the Umiliani, Piccioni, Pate, Julian, Schifrin. V. much appreciated.

Cineaste said...

Stop the insanity!

litlgrey said...

Stop the rapidshare... that's what to stop.

Cineaste said...

I've had just as much trouble with Megaupload lately as Rapidshare. Plus, MU has been really slow for me. Right now, I'm partial to Filesend. Haven't had any problems there.

Anonymous said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Extremely frustrating. It has to be the work of some selfish jerk. Nevertheless, if you can, please re-up, somewhere, somehow...this and DEADFALL. If not I understand. Hope you aren't getting soured on the whole experience. Maybe a tincture of time will put an end to the vermin deleter. Maybe he'll get tired and find another outlet for his idiocy, but still, it's been a drag to see some great blogs go by the wayside. Hope yours doesn't join them. Anyway thanks for all the turn-ons you've provided.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you guys...blame the blogs that give away new stuff. Maybe they are causing somebody to bother Rapidshare and the others to find soundtrack files posted at (name your site) and delete them.

Could happen. Now that Covered's Place and KKD seem to have stopped, the deleting seems to have slowed down.

If we keep it all to old/oop stuff we could all be back to living the high life in downloads :)

David Federman said...

This is a range war pure and simple, with both sides guilty of venomous self-righteousness. Sooner or later, bloggers will have to form an association and meet with the property rights people whose main weapon--a powerful one--is deletion. Rapidshare is not the culprit.

I believe in the fundamental right to share, but I also think it wrong to post Norah Jones' new album weeks before it is released. Such thievery destroys any moral or cultural validity for blogging.

My own feeling is that we have to forge protocols and conventions for sharing that all can live with. This forging will have to be done in teams, each side working together--with referees standing by--to come to compromises that recognize the legitimate needs and principles of the other side. If we don't, the war will worsen. And all will be losers.

The blogosphere is both an epochal opportunity and a threat. It is, for me, the greatest instrument of enrichment and dissemination in a world of corporate hegemony and homogenization. I grew up with John Coltrane, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Pierre Boulez, Jimmy Reed and Stan Kenton (to name a few of my heroes). I knew the greatest cultural diversity in history. In one generation, that diversity is gone. Instead of Nights at the Apollo which produced the likes of Ella Fitzgerald we have American Idol which produces (no insult intended) Taylor Hicks.

Today, the blogosphere is a haven and heaven that offers the planet's starving young a multiplicity of contacts with the cultural riches of which they are deprived. It presents a chance to restore norms of diversity to our lives that are essential if the arts and true invention are to thrive.

Right now, the blogosphere is an immense cultural undergorund and it operates, of necessity, with a defiant, outlaw spirit. But eventually it will go above ground. What will it become? People like me fear it will become a giant mass market, an adjunct of corporate conglomerates. So I want to protect access and freedom.

Nevertheless, the copyright and property rights people have legitimate concerns. And to protect those rights, they are willing to disrupt the free flow of sharing. Sooner or later, they will get the courts to side with them. We have to negotiate a fair and just peace between both sides. And we have to start now.

Let's call for a cease fire and work out a truce. Ask the deleters what they can live with and what they can't. Treat them with respect and ask them to treat us with respect. Dialogue must begin. So much is at stake. I hate to think what will happen if we squander this glorious modality called the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

After a slow start with rapidshare it has settled and works well for me, I think it is just down to a few dumb ass individuals, please don't be put off, you do a great job, maybe it's just wise to check it every day and grab it while you can, I'm sure this would work for the people who love this and want such material the most. Many thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

C'est la vie. In a way I'm glad it's not open slather. Keep it low key; just for the culturoligists.
"Fear is the Key", by any chance?

dom said...

David Federman's comments make 100% sense

Anonymous said...

It's just a knave talk feder man. Who will assume the pollution Copyright, man?!!! I just wonder who can upload/host this soundtrack again and again, forever n ever. What youre waiting for? BTW, I'd love to get all Bacharach's (Movie n TV) soundtracks. Thank you all, music lovers. From Brasil, PC

Anonymous said...

bonjour pourquoi ne pas mettre plus de ennio morricone

Cineaste said...

Well said, Mr. Federman. You're absolutely right. At this moment, there exists a cat-and-mouse game between corporate interests and maverick bloggers.

As you so rightly observed, the deck is greatly stacked against the bloggers. Eventually, corporate money will bend the justice system to its will.

Look at YouTube. In the beginning, YouTube was like the Wild West; you could find almost anything! There was no enforcement of YouTube's cosmetic "No copyrighted material" warning. It was glorious!

Once YouTube's profile increased, however, things began to change. And by the time Google arrived on the scene, things had tightened up considerably. Now, YouTube is becoming like every other video provider, comprised of idiotic home videos with very little quality content.

I had several videos deleted that were movie trailers from the 60's and 70's. What is the rationale for deleting the trailer to a movie that doesn't even have a digital release? Quite simply, there is none. It was the result of a blanket policy designed to seek out and eliminate "questionable" material.

What is needed, as you propose Mr. Federman, is some way to establish what is "questionable" material, and avoid a blanket policy that simply kills everything. Bloggers must respect the rights of artists to maximize their profits, as well.

How do the two sides communicate, is the question? It would certainly require some type of intermediary. There isn't much trust (or affection) on either side, so it will be a monumental task.

The Listener said...

yttThere seems to be a big 'moral' issue here as well, which maybe us sharers have underestimated. I put that in quotes because it seems deleters feel it is wrong for anyone to give away copies of something which they do not own, regardless of whether it is OOP.

Obviously this argument goes back to property rights and infringing on some dealer's RIGHT to make money from selling rare LPs; is it right for us to rob someone else of profits? Is it right for them to gouge us for ridiculous prices just because they can?

I don't accept that I am some kind of goddam outlaw just because I want to listen to some forty year old record that I can't find anywhere else!

Sounds said...

Cineatse your comments google own as well as You Tube so I am sure blogging is nearly past its best hey day years ...still we can all tell our kids how good it was :)

Anonymous said...

A new download link for Burt Bacharach's Lost Horizon soundtrack !

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the address was incomplete in the last post

Anonymous said...

Is this ever going to be updated?
everything is gone.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

OST - Lost Horizon (1973) - Burt Bacharach & Hal David - BELL RECORDS.rar 47.3 MB!mdQhzKpA!uz9_OT6F0xlZDGVykV9dUykdM9LbiTjmnNCG0Zcbsow


OST - Lost Horizon-The Classic Film Scores of Dimitri Tiomkin (1976) - RCA VICTOR RED SEAL.rar 113.8 MB!7EgzwaqC!NI9S3my3wRbrvQs6l5oQS8Y6EIhuDoHe-Sho3lPYGB8



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